Interactive Email Tutorials

Magic 8 Ball: Achieving Pseudo-Random Outcomes In Interactive Email

I built an email incorporating an interactive Magic 8 Ball for Email on Acid. This technique uses a technique animating a series of labels over a button to achieve a "pseudo" random outcome when the user presses the button.

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Faux-Fixed Interactive Email Scrolling Technique

I wrote on the Email on Acid blog a technique to mimic fixed positioning yet works on a surprising number of email clients, namely: iOS (iPhone, iPad), Apple Mail, Outlook for Mac, Gmail Webmail and Mobile Apps (yes!) and Yahoo!

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Faux-Video: Video in Email Using Sprites

Kristian Robinson implemented a technique to display a set of videos using JPEG sprites for UK's Channel 4. This technique involves converting a video into a grid of scenes in JPEG and using CSS animation display the "faux-video"...

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How to Implement Sliding Carousel Transitions

This article goes into the details on adding sliding transitions between images in a image carousel for email.

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How to Restart CSS Animations in Email Using The :active Pseudo-Class

One of the questions often asked about CSS animations is "Why use CSS animations when an animated gif works in many more clients?"

Until now, the answer seems to be that CSS animations are more fluid, has smaller filesize and a much higher

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Interactive Puzzle in an Email

I built an interactive puzzle for an Email on Acid promo. It features rotating four letter combinations that when unlocked displayed a link for a coupon. There were quite a lot of techniques put into the example and it was really fun

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Interactive Hotspots in Email

Interactive hotspots, or user initiated information overlays are an effective way to deliver additional contextual information on an image.

This article goes over how to implement hotspots in email as well as showcase some examples of effective hotspot implementations...

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Gmail No Longer Supports Interactive Email :(

As of today Gmail strips all attribute selectors and the :hover and :checked pseudo-class and that means no more interactivity in the Gmail inbox.

Read More Alters Styles of Elements Next to Checkboxes

Sometime over the past two weeks, OWA - Office 365 Webmail or the new started introducing side effects to their processing of checkboxes in email. Styles of elements following checkboxes are either removed or styles applied to checkboxes are being appended

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Tracking User Interactions in Email With Google Analytics

This is a follow up to Tracking User Interactions in Email (Part 1) which covered the mechanics of tracking user interactions in email using the selective loading of background images. This post will cover how to use Google Analytics to serve

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