Gmail, We Need To Talk

I posted an "open letter" to Gmail on TechCrunch about why better HTML/CSS support will help Gmail's goal to get developers excited about innovations in email.

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Pret’s Kinetic Email Case Study on Campaign Monitor

Check out this case study of a kinetic campaign featuring an interactive smoothie cup the digital agency bigdog created for Pret, a British sandwich retail chain featuring their line of smoothies.

The kinetic version featured an empty cup and the recipient could watch

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CSS Animation Entrance Effects in Email

Entrance effects using CSS animation can add some flair to your email. Unlike more ambitious kinetic email designs that may involve a lot of development time , entrance animation effects leveraging CSS 2D transforms can deliver some pizzaz without a

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CSS Animations in Email and Vendor Prefixes

Although CSS animations are only supported by modern email clients, used strategically CSS animations can bring a level of flair and sophistication to your email.

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