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Gmail rolls back changes that strip CSS with background images.

After a week of angst as Google appeared to be rolling out changes in some Gmail accounts that strip CSS with background images it appears Google has acknowledged the issue and is rolling the change back. Update Aug 6: 10 days after

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Gmail rolling out changes that strip CSS with background images

Update: Mark Robbins has posted a bug report on the Google Issue Tracker. (Make sure to click on +1 to let Google know you’re impacted too). Update 2: Google has acknowledged the issue and is rolling out a fix! Gmail appears to

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Google Chrome 81 Will Block Non-HTTPS Images in Email

Many brands and retailers are still sending emails with images that are loading through HTTP. However, the next Google Chrome update (Chrome 81) will cause emails with images loaded over HTTP (vs HTTPS) to no longer show up in some webmail providers.

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Gmail IMAP (GANGA) Finally Supports Background Images in New Update

It looks like Google has finally added background image support for the Gmail App for Non-Google Account (GANGA) client! This is a BIG deal because this means that background images are now supported across all major email clients.

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Fade in Text Effects for Email

Adding subtle text animations in your email hero area can add some sophistication into your design. Although not every email client supports CSS animations, here is a simple technique you can use to display a slow drop down and fade in effect

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How to Fix Jittery CSS Animations in iOS Mail

Here is a technique that solves a common kind of animation jitteriness in iOS Mail. Under certain conditions, quick, single iteration (non-repeating) CSS animations in iOS tend to skip - causing movements to look glitchy and jarring.

A solution is to increase the

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Using -webkit no Longer Needed for CSS Animations in Email

Its 2018 and email clients that support CSS animations no longer require the -webkit vendor prefix when using the animation CSS property or @keyframes rule.

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Gmail is Stripping Ids and Classes From Elements in Classic Version [Update: fixed]

[Update: This has been fixed.]

Gmail rolled out a new version of the UI in Beta in April, however it looks like in the process of migrating users to the new UI a few days ago the "old" Gmail suddenly reverted to a

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Apple Mail Sometimes Hides the Last Image in an Email

When you have an email with an image at the very bottom of an email, sometimes that image is not displayed in Apple Mail. This is a very strange bug that is unlikely to manifest in real campaigns because most emails contain

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Targeting The New Responsive Gmail With CSS [Updated]

With the new Gmail update it is now harder to use CSS to distinguish Gmail that doesn't support advanced CSS3 like interactivity and animations from clients like the iPhone email client that does.

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