Full Page Intro Animations in Email

This is a simple technique to show a brief animation of an object or text against a blank page and having the rest of the email "fade in" after the animation ends. This is a follow on of a previous example with fade in text animation. I got the inspiration from Apple's MacBook website.

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Gmail IMAP (GANGA) Finally Supports Background Images in New Update

It looks like Google has finally added background image support for the Gmail App for Non-Google Account (GANGA) client! This is a BIG deal because this means that background images are now supported across all major email clients.

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Fade in Text Effects for Email

Adding subtle text animations in your email hero area can add some sophistication into your design. Although not every email client supports CSS animations, here is a simple technique you can use to display a slow drop down and fade in effect in your email design.

The nice part about this technique is that you don't need to have a fallback design, clients that don't support animation just display the text.

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How to Fix Jittery CSS Animations in iOS Mail

Here is a technique that solves a common kind of animation jitteriness in iOS Mail. Under certain conditions, quick, single iteration (non-repeating) CSS animations in iOS tend to skip - causing movements to look glitchy and jarring.

A solution is to increase the duration of the animation but make the animation complete faster. Read on for the details...

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Using -webkit no Longer Needed for CSS Animations in Email

Its 2018 and email clients that support CSS animations no longer require the -webkit vendor prefix when using the animation CSS property or @keyframes rule.

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Gmail is Stripping Ids and Classes From Elements in Classic Version [Update: fixed]

[Update: This has been fixed.]

Gmail rolled out a new version of the UI in Beta in April, however it looks like in the process of migrating users to the new UI a few days ago the "old" Gmail suddenly reverted to a pre-2016 version before ids and classes were supported. This article highlights the changes in the 2016 update.

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Gmail Testing Subject Line Images with Promotion Cards

It looks like Gmail is taking another shot at cover images for email. Rafael Viana discovered that an email in his Gmail Android inbox contained an image under the subject line of an email from Booking.com. Upon further inspection, it appears that this image is defined in a special Gmail specific code snippet called Schema.org...

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Bubble Wrap in Email With Sound Effects

Self regenerating bubble wrap with popping noises. Here's an example of making sound effects in email.

This example works in iOS Mail, Apple Mail and the Samsung email client. Try it out for yourself with this Bubble Wrap in Email example here.

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AMP for Email: What You Need to Know About Google’s New Interactive Email Effort

AMP for Email is a subset of AMP that, like AMP, offers Javascript-like functionality for email. Since all email clients block Javascript by default, AMP offers a limited, and secure alternative to Javascript without giving senders the ability to run arbitrary code in email...

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Magic 8 Ball: Achieving Pseudo-Random Outcomes In Interactive Email

I built an email incorporating an interactive Magic 8 Ball for Email on Acid. This technique uses a technique animating a series of labels over a button to achieve a "pseudo" random outcome when the user presses the button.

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