A Free, Quick Tool to Test Your Email in Dark Mode

Have you always wanted a quick and easy way to test your emails in dark mode without having to send a test to your device? Good news! I built a Dark Mode for Email Simulator.

Check the legibility of your text, logo and icons in Dark Mode

With this tool, you are able to detect places where, for example, you originally have light text over a dark background image and then find out that in dark mode, your text will turn dark while the background will remain dark, making your recipients unable to read the text.

It will also show you if your logo and icons lose contrast when your email is read in dark mode.

Some email clients (Android Gmail, Outlook) try to guess which colors are dark or light and only inverting the light colored backgrounds, but that is something that this tool unfortunately doesn’t simulate – yet!

Check out the dark mode for email simulator, and let me know what you think :)

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