Make your email interactive in Gmail by using CSS attribute selectors

A few days back I posted the article Gmail Supports the Style tag!... Well sort of when I discovered that you could simulate CSS class selectors in Gmail by targeting attributes that Gmail does not strip such as the title attribute.


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Gmail supports the Style tag!… Well sort of

Will you be surprised to hear you can actually put CSS including pseudo-classes like :hover in a <style> block and have them work in Gmail? Well as I found out recently, you can! ...

Read More removes all content within conditional comments

However I recently noticed that is stripping content within ALL conditional comments! Content that only used to be hidden only in Outlook is now also hidden in

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4 Email Examples that are Pushing the Envelope of Email

Animated gifs can be an effective technique to increase reader engagement by catching the eye of the recipient. There are a number of alternative innovative ways to boost reader engagement, and here are 4 of my favorites in terms of originality and

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