Gmail Promotional Tab Markup Tool for Promotion Card Image Previews

I've created a simple tool to help you generate the markup required to display the features when your email is featured in the Top Promotions section in Gmail's Promotion Tab (Note there is no guarantee that your email will be featured).

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Faux-Video: Video in Email Using Sprites

Kristian Robinson implemented a technique to display a set of videos using JPEG sprites for UK's Channel 4. This technique involves converting a video into a grid of scenes in JPEG and using CSS animation display the "faux-video"...

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Changing the Stacking Order of Elements Without z-index

I recently learned that its possible to change the stacking order of elements without using z-index. This can be done by using other CSS properties to create what is called a new "stacking context"...

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Cheetah Digital Report: Kinetic Email Increases Click-to-Open Rate by 10%

Cheetah Digital (Formerly Experian Cross Channel Marketing) released their 2016 Q4 Quarterly email benchmark report earlier this year. A portion of their report covered the topic of Kinetic or Interactive Email. There report gives a good overview on what kinetic email can

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Recording of the Webinar on Gmail’s Responsive Email Update

Email on Acid organized a webinar covering the new changes that Gmail rolled out in late September.

Among the presenters were Mark Robbins from Rebelmail, Eric Lepetit from Nest and yours truly.

We covered topics from what Gmail announced, why its

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