Behold the Watch-HTML Mime Type for Apple Watch


Litmus just published a post on how you can create content that is specifically meant for the Apple Watch. The article came about after Dan Foody of Cloze discovered the existence of a special text/watch-html mime type.

Key Takeaways:

  • The text/watch-html mime type allows you to craft content that is only displayed in the Apple Watch. Other email clients will ignore this special mime type.

  • Apple Watch displays the subject line and pre-header in the message list view. This pre-header is still culled from the regular text/html portion of the email.

  • Apple Watch will render the text/plain part of an email if the text/watch-html part does not exist. Apple Watch will not render any content when the email is opened if the email only contains a text/html part.

  • You can send tests of email with the Watch-HTML mime type using Litmus’ Putsmail

Read the full article here.

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Latest Comments
  1. Michael

    Apple Watch d o e s render emails if they only contain a text/html part. But this part needs to be absolutely correct Apple Watch HTML. Otherwise ther ist no fallback and no content is shown.

    • Justin

      Hi Michael,

      Thanks for chiming in! What constitutes as “absolutely correct Apple Watch HTML”?

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