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  1. sidney

    I got a really nice one from the telegraph on monday (web link below)
    click here

    • Justin

      Pretty neat. I like how the product changes but the background remains the same.

    • WebDevJoshB

      Hi @sidney, your link doesn’t work; do you have an updated one? Thanks.

      • sidney

        looks like the weblinks expired for that mailer. I should have screen shot it :(

  2. jay

    Looks like the B&Q campaign was changed. The source code uses animated gif rather than carousel.

    • Justin

      The code was written to only display in Webkit clients. So use a browser like Chrome or Safari to see the carousel.

  3. Menio

    I’d love for you to make the same enhancements to your carrousel tool that HP and B&Q made. Do you think you’ll be doing it? Love your articles and page. I’m a home email coder.

  4. Sam

    Hi Justin,

    Have you thought about adding an exception for Yahoo to hide the radio buttons.

    Since Yahoo Mail now strips display:none inline, we have to add it to the head as I’m sure you are aware. Might be useful to have this in the tool.

  5. Thanos

    Doesn’t work in gmail anymore, right?

    • Justin

      Yeah unfortunately. Though you can still do :hover based interactions like rollover images.

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