Speaking About Email Client CSS Support at Inbox Love [Coupon!]


As email coders and designers, we know that coding an email is no walk in a park. We have to deal with the quirks of email clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook.com, Yahoo! Mail and Gmail and that’s only to build a basic email. No wonder not many people even attempt more advanced techniques such as responsive or interactive email!

Fixing Email Client CSS

On October 29th I will be speaking as part of a panel with Andrew King of Lyris, Colin Nederkoorn of Customer.io and Ros Hodgekiss of Campaign Monitor (the moderator) at Inbox Love. Inbox Love is a conference taking place at Microsoft’s campus in Mountain View targeted to folks who build email applications and platforms.

The topic of the panel is CSS Support in Email: The Problem We Should be Fixing First. Our goal for the panel is not only to make the industry aware of the pain email coders need to go through to create our emails, but also more importantly to show developers that if we can get past the issue of inconsistent CSS support, we can build pretty damn exciting stuff in email!

Reasons to Attend Inbox Love for an Email Coder

  • Learn about the future of email.

    You want to know how email will look like in a few years. How email will change due to the increase in privacy concerns, Gmail’s latest tweaks and next generation email applications.

  • Meet the folks behind the email clients

    Developers from the main email clients will be there – Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft. In fact you’ll be at the very Microsoft campus where Outlook.com is built!

  • Learn how the pudding is made

    So you’ve been creating and sending emails all your life. Ever wondered what goes on beneath the hood? This is the conference for that!

  • To come watch our exciting panel :)


If this sounds exciting to you, well I’ve got a treat for you. You can get a 20% discount off your ticket if you use this coupon code: KhooFriend. If you know colleagues who has a geek for all things email, feel free to share this with them too! Or tweet about it.

See you there!
Justin Khoo

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