Gmail Rolls Out Media Queries Support BUT…

Its finally here! Gmail rolled out support for embedded styles and media queries yesterday night.

Super awesome! However, all is not hunky dory:

  • Some Gmail versions (iOS, G Suite) still aren’t seeing the updates.
  • Image blocking causes issues with embedded styles.
  • No attribute selector support.
  • No :checked selector support. What? NO! Boo! Hiss!

So it looks like we might need to inline our styles for a bit longer.

Read Geoff Phillips’ early analysis on the Email on Acid blog.

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  1. Lou

    NO! So, it looks like the carousel code is only showing fallback content in the gmail app and desktop gmail. I’m assuming this is because of the lack of :checked selector support. Is there any work around for this? Or are you currently looking into a clever solution? :)

    BTW, thanks for being an awesome resource for us email developers!

    • Justin

      Yeah its a bummer that :checked is no longer supported (however :hover is supported in Gmail desktop). I’m hoping they’ll come around to supporting it but in the mean time you could experiment with hover based interactive emails. When the updates are completely rolled out, I’ll see if there’s a way to finagle something :)

      Thank you for the compliment!

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