The Litmus Creative Nav Contest Results Are In…

And I’m very elated to say that the Reader Mode entry has won this month’s contest! :) Thank you Litmus and Code School for the sweet prizes.

Reader Mode - Mobile Email Pagination

A special shout out also goes to Jerry Martinez for inspiring the contest with his Hamburger Menu for Email.

Creative Nav Entries

Here are some other entries I thought were pretty cool. Like the Reader Mode example, several are in various experimental stages. All should work nicely on iOS but on other email clients your “mileage may vary” :)


Gooey Navigation by Rémi Parmentier


Animated circular menu by Mark Robbins


Mobile Call to Action menu by Dane Robbins
(I believe this one has been used in an actual campaign)

Until the next contest

This was Litmus’ second community contest. The first was a contest on the creative use of ALT text which also produced a bunch of crazy cool entries.

Tune in the Litmus Community to find out the next contest.

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