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  1. Wouter van der Heijden


    Thank you for your explanation about tracking mail user interactions with Google Analytics. I think the open-hits should not generate sessions, because the users are not on the site.
    Is there a reason why you did not include the non interactive parameter (&ni=1) in the string?

    • Justin

      Hey Wouter, thanks for bringing that up. Could you tell me where it skews your site stats? Google says that ni is meant to denote that the action was not initiated by the user but in this case an open is user initiated.

  2. Milena

    Hey there, really awesome blog, learned a lot:)). One question though – what happens if I dont specify a cn in the tracking pixel – will GA automatically parse the campaign name? If not, is there a way to get it to specify it based on utm_campaign? Thanks

  3. bblurock

    Hey, thank you so much for the article. Really helpful,

    I have one question that if I put the `Mobile opens` style and normal on email and open it in mobile, the event will fire twice.

    Is there any way to prevent that?

    • Justin

      I suggest using using different codes for mobile and desktop so you know which is fired, so even if the desktop one fires, when opened in mobile, you can simply deduct the desktop fires from mobile.

      If you have to share pixel codes one way is to use the mobile pixel but change the media query to only target non mobile screens, but that would not work on clients that don’t support media queries like Outlook.

  4. Veronika

    how can I track event “click on button” in email?

    Thank you :)

    • Justin

      Hey Veronika, this technique will work if the button is interactive (it does not open a browser). If you want to trick clicks on “regular” buttons that open a landing page, you’d probably have to rely on reports in your ESP or you’d need some proxy links (like Bitly but NOT Bitly since some clients mark it as spam).

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