Interactive Email Tutorials

Email Client Support for Interactive and Dynamic CSS

Have you always wanted to experiment with kinetic email - interactive and dynamic CSS in email - but did not know where to start? Introducing the FreshInbox Resources section where you can familiarize yourself with kinetic email support in email clients as

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Rollover or Tap to Reveal Technique in Email

Here's a way to implement a neat "rollover to reveal" message in email. You can send an email that has a teaser cover message that when the recipient hovers the cursor over the message it reveals a hidden surprise message...

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Reader Mode – Mobile Email Pagination

Here's an experimental mobile email technique that allows you to paginate a content heavy email so readers can navigate from article to article without scrolling. I hacked it up over a few days as an entry to Litmus' Creative Navigation in Email

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Interactive Shopping Widget for Email

This example shows how you can create an interactive carousel in email that leverages the power of form support to add products to a shopping cart...

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‘Hamburger’ Collapsible Menu in Email

Jerry Martinez posted on the Litmus Community forum that he had implemented a version of the hamburger menu in emails. I thought it was so awesome that I just had to share it!

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Interactive Tabs for Email

Wouldn't it be cool if you could create interactive tabs that work in email? Well here's a technique to create tabs that work in both mobile and webmail, yes including Gmail using the Read More

Make your email interactive in Gmail by using CSS attribute selectors

A few days back I posted the article Gmail Supports the Style tag!... Well sort of when I discovered that you could simulate CSS class selectors in Gmail by targeting attributes that Gmail does not strip such as the title attribute.


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4 Email Examples that are Pushing the Envelope of Email

Animated gifs can be an effective technique to increase reader engagement by catching the eye of the recipient. There are a number of alternative innovative ways to boost reader engagement, and here are 4 of my favorites in terms of originality and

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Tool to Create an Interactive Image in an Email

Over the past several months some readers have expressed interest in using some of the interactive email techniques covered by some of my blog posts.

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How to Create an Image Carousel for Email – Part 2 [Web & Desktop]

In Part 1 we saw how we can create a thumbnail driven image carousel for mobile email. This article will go over how to add support for Web & Desktop email clients such as Yahoo! Mail, and Outlook 2003...

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