Goodbye Gmail Grid View


It looks like Gmail’s Grid View is no more. The email design and marketing community (the majority of Grid View’s users probably) noticed that Grid View was no longer displaying in Gmail’s Promotional Tab late last Friday. We had hoped that it was a temporary glitch and that one of the more recent audacious enhancements to email would return.

Sad to say, I’ve got confirmation from the Gmail team that Grid View has indeed been cancelled. “It was an experiment which we decided not to pursue.”

There was concern about Google’s commitment to Grid View months after the feature was launched as Google kept Grid View in “field trial” status and didn’t roll it out widely. In fact there was hardly any mention of Grid View during the Gmail team’s AMA on Reddit last December. In hindsight, the silence should have given us a clue.

Perhaps Gmail is working on something even more enticing? Well lets hope at a minimum we’ll see responsive email support in their mobile apps and style tag support in webmail!

By the way for posterity’s sake, here’s EmailMonday’s Guide to to Everything You Need to Know about Grid View.

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Latest Comments
  1. Jaina

    Dontcha love the way Google handles their incoming and outgoing features? :/

  2. Clinton

    This feature was cool for about 2.5 seconds. Good riddance!

    Let’s hope Inbox by Google is next. :)

  3. Stephanie

    From who and how did you get confirmation? All I can find are rumors. Oh, Google. I love you, but you break my heart like Fredo does Michael’s.

    • Justin

      Just edited the post to say I got the confirmation from someone from the Gmail team.

      • Stephanie

        Thanks for the intel! Much appreciated.

  4. Sam Sexton

    Never liked the idea of adding those meta-tags to get my icons working. Quite glad to see the back of it.

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