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  1. Rob

    Rather that just setting visibility: hidden;, It feels like a better option would be to use a CSS transition effect. You’ll be surprised how well they work phones and tablets. And the devices that wont handle it (windows phones, blackberry, gmail apps) all strip CSS from the head of the email anyways.

    • Justin

      Hi Rob. By transition you must be referring to applying a transition to the opacity property. Yes that indeed can add some flair to the effect! Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. ferdinand marte

    will this work on Mailchimp???

    • Justin

      Hi Ferdinand, I’ve tested and it works on MailChimp. In a content block you need to click on the HTML (code) button and then paste in the code.

  3. kir

    will this work with sendgrid?

  4. Dan Black

    Looks like Gmail patched this, strangely, and sadly.

    • Justin

      Hey Dan, unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to add the lang attr technique to this example. But Gmail as of today still supports it. Try this

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