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  1. Jerry Martinez

    I actually came across this bug on March 15 of this year (I commented it in my template) but never got around to writing about it.

    Since the checkbox styles would prepend the styles of the next sibling, I simply overwrote those styles with defaults.

    My hacked markup now looks like this:

    <input style="display: none!important; max-height: 0; visibility: hidden;" type="checkbox">
    <table style="display: table!important; visibility: visible; ...{other styles}">

    Apparently, I didn’t need to default max-height on the table element – I guess it only applies to block level elements.

    • Courtney Fantinato

      This is great Jerry, thanks! I quite like this over an empty element (when dealing with ESPs that add the semi colon at the end) as it doesn’t require an empty element.

  2. Jody Gibbons

    Thanks for highlighting and providing a write up on the fix for this Justin. Feels like we’re dodging bullets with these email clients sometimes.

  3. Courtney Fantinato

    Hmmm… I tried the fix with my carousel code, and it didn’t work. When I tried using the exact example fix above, “CONTENT” is still being hidden in Maybe something has changed again?

    • Courtney Fantinato

      Quick fix right now is just an empty element (like a div) before the div or element with the content, so that it doesn’t get hidden by the display none on the checkbox. Definitely seems like Outlook is putting the inline style of the checkbox on the next element with existing inline style, instead of just removing the (throwaway) inline style, whether there is a semi colon at the end or not on the inline style of the checkbox.

      • Courtney Fantinato

        Blame it on the ESP. ;)

        Thanks for the help Justin!!

  4. Rob

    Is there an advantage to using checked over checked ="checked" in kinetic emails? Or do both behave equally well?

    • Justin

      From my tests checked works in all the clients that support interactivity so that’s what I went with :)

  5. Dario Daniele

    Hello I have a bug on Outlook365 app, I can see the three images underneath each other while on desktop is working. I tried to fix it but with no result.

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