Microsoft’s Slow March To Email Redemption

You might have tuned in to Litmus' "industry changing" announcement at the Litmus Conference that they will begin collecting feedback and bug reports on Microsoft's behalf for the various Outlook email clients. It is so good to hear that Microsoft is taking

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Gmail No Longer Supports Interactive Email :(

As of today Gmail strips all attribute selectors and the :hover and :checked pseudo-class and that means no more interactivity in the Gmail inbox.

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Yahoo! Mail adds overflow:auto to elements with max-width and max-height

Last week, the email geek-verse blew up when certain emails especially hybrid coded emails started breaking in Yahoo! Mail. Although Yahoo! Mail and Gmail has always converted height to min-height, Yahoo! Mail went the extra mile and began converting width to min-width

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Outlook.com Alters Styles of Elements Next to Checkboxes

Sometime over the past two weeks, OWA - Office 365 Webmail or the new Outlook.com started introducing side effects to their processing of checkboxes in email. Styles of elements following checkboxes are either removed or styles applied to checkboxes are being appended

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Gmail, We Need To Talk

I posted an "open letter" to Gmail on TechCrunch about why better HTML/CSS support will help Gmail's goal to get developers excited about innovations in email.

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How I Helped Make Office 365 a Little Safer

A few months back, while testing clients for kinetic CSS support I stumbled upon something peculiar when I opened a test email in Office 365. A purple div was appearing at the bottom left of the browser window within the area

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Gallery of Common Outlook Rendering Issues

The following are side-by-side screenshots comparing how some emails rendered in Outlook vs another mainstream email client such as Yahoo! Mail or Gmail. I have annotated the images to refer to the issues in the test email above...

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The Outlook Team Reaches Out

I was recently contacted by Julia Foran a Program Manager on the Desktop Outlook team for some background on Outlook's rendering issues. It must have been the Microsoft, It's Time to Address Outlook's Proprietary Email Format article or the needling

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Microsoft, It’s Time to Address Outlook’s Proprietary Email Format

At the recent Build Developer Conference, Microsoft revealed their new tagline: Empower every developer.

I just posted an article on LinkedIn to remind Microsoft that email developers and designers still aren't feeling empowered since we're still stuck with Word HTML in Outlook.


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Yahoo! Mail Removes CSS Under Comments. Here’s How To Take Advantage Of It.

One of the lesser known quirks of Yahoo! Mail involves their CSS parser removing the next CSS style after comments. In this article, we'll go into how to address this issue by adding a phantom selector under comments as well as

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