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  1. Mike


  2. Jeff

    Mind = blown. Great article!

  3. Edward Johnson

    Great article Justin, thanks for sharing.

  4. George Liapis

    Hey Justin – great article as always!

    Just a tip – background image plays well in now, it simply doesn’t need “css” but only “html” – here’s how in an example TD:

    I know it sounds stupid but it works – the parameter simply doesn’t. Of course, to be responsive ready and friendly to all clients, adding a parameter with the necessary background properties will result in an almost perfect email :)

    Oh – and don’t forget that in future emails, you should change both background image paths – extra caution needed!

    • Justin

      Hi George, although supports the background attribute (<td background=”xxxx”>) the image cannot be selectively loaded, so we cannot load it only upon a user interaction.

  5. Ian Shaw

    Very interesting approach to detecting email client type using the different web mail idiosyncrasies to identify them.

    Though I was wondering, is there perhaps an easier approach to email client detection? I believe Litmus uses an approach whereby they use the user agent string to detect the client.
    Do you know of any similar approaches using the GA open pixel tracking (this is assuming GA reports on the user agent string)?

    • Justin

      Hey Ian thats an interesting question. I checked GA’s Dimensions and apparently there’s a few you can use – Browser and Mobile Device Info. Unfortunately I don’t see anywhere where you can get at the user agent string.

      However if you roll your own pixel, you can definitely get that information.

  6. Parva

    Hello! Any one having trouble getting the pixels to fire in email clients? We’re able to seeing them firing when we open the email via the browser, but not directly through the email client.

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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