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Here’s a Tool to Test Featured Images for Gmail’s new Promotions Tab Grid View Layout

I wrote this tool over the weekend to experiment with Google's new Featured Images markup that allows the sender to designate a "featured image" of the email to be displayed when the recipient opens the Promotions tab in Grid View.

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Why Your Email May be Missing a Featured Image in the Gmail Grid View [Updated]

Gmail launched Grid View two days ago that featured listed emails in a grid view like a Pinterest pinboard. One thing caught my eyes immediately. A fair number of emails did not have a featured image even though there were fairly large images

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How to Create an Image Carousel for Email – Part 2 [Web & Desktop]

In Part 1 we saw how we can create a thumbnail driven image carousel for mobile email. This article will go over how to add support for Web & Desktop email clients such as Yahoo! Mail, and Outlook 2003...

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Gmail’s recent big marketshare bump

Litmus publishes a report of email marketshare based upon the statistics that they collect from emails that are tracked using their Email Analytics service. In the February 2014 report, I noticed Gmail made a leap from 3.02%

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Image Rollovers for Mobile and Non-Mobile Email

In previous articles we saw how we can implement interactive image rollovers for either webmail or mobile email.

This tutorial will go over how we can combine both techniques for an image rollover example that works with mobile AND non-mobile email

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How Yahoo! Mail’s Mangling of Media Queries Affects Your CSS

The first part of this article talked about what you should be aware when creating email with Media Queries in relation to Yahoo! Mail.

In this article we’ll look at what happens when Yahoo! Mail mangles media

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Why Not to Put Regular CSS Under Media Query Blocks [Yahoo! Mail]

In a previous blog post we saw how Yahoo! Mail mangles media queries and how we can address it. However there is a less well known, adverse effect that arises from Yahoo! Mail's mangling of CSS. If you have CSS rules

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How to Limit Email Interactivity to Non-Mobile Clients

A recent FreshInBox post 3 Steps to Create an Interactive Email using CSS showed how to create simple mouseover image effects that work with most of the major webmail clients including Outlook 2003.

If you tried out the example in that

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